Cornell Engineering and its Energy Institute — creating innovative multidisciplinary research and education solutions to the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges in energy 
Cornell Engineering's faculty, staff and students are dedicated to finding practical, long-term, sustainable solutions to the energy challenges of the 21st century and beyond. Multidisciplinary technology and science are at the center of the energy research and education activities of the Energy Institute. Yet because sustainable solutions will not be achieved unless people, businesses, and communities adopt new technologies and new behaviors, much of what we do is integrated with the research, educational, and outreach efforts of programs and colleagues spread across Cornell’s 11 colleges and schools as well as centers that deal with energy issues in a broader context. A key example is the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, which focuses on enabling multi-disciplinary research that connects energy, environmental, and economic issues.
Are you curious about how the technological and core scientific knowledge needed to provide energy to society while minimizing environmental impact can and should be coupled to studies of communities, economic development, or justice, among many other human-centric topics? Go to both the Energy Institute tab and then to the web pages of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.
Start with these web pages to learn about the Energy Research and Educational opportunities in the Cornell Engineering. You will find descriptions of the Energy Institute’s unique multi-disciplinary research and educational programs. This web site provides a gateway to the broad and diverse group of Cornell faculty who are at the frontiers of energy and sustainability research.
Are you seeking a quick overview of Cornell courses related to energy? The Educational tab will take you to an index and links to a variety of Cornell courses, modules and educational programs specializing in energy technology discovery and characterization, performance analysis, and objective evaluation of energy options using a systems approach. 
Do you want to learn how you might combine courses and activities to develop a level of knowledge of energy systems that will prepare you for employment responsibilities related to energy science, technology or policy? Minors are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at the Education tab.
For those interested in applying to graduate school in Cornell Engineering, links to how to apply to departmental program are included.   
Additionally, the site links to a list of current news and events related to energy and sustainability activities at Cornell.