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Associate Director

Barthelmie, Rebecca

Research Interests: Professor Barthelmie's research is focused on wind energy resources and wind turbine wakes within and downwind of large wind farms both on- and offshore. In Denmark, she ran the offshore wind energy network and she was involved in the development of many offshore wind farms. In the US, her focus has been wind energy resources and impacts of wakes and their interaction with the boundary-layer within large wind farms both offshore and in complex terrain. Her research involves measurements, particularly the application of remote sensing including lidar, modeling and data analysis of large wind farm data sets.
Email: rb737@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-6423
Website: http://www.mae.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=rb737

Hanrath, Tobias

Research Interests: There is a tremendous opportunity space for nanostructured materials to play a key role in next generation energy technologies. Our research efforts focus on the fundamental study of optoelectronic properties of semiconductor nanocrystals; this work is inspired by the potential application of these materials in solar energy conversion and energy storage devices. The semiconductor nanocrystals used in our work provide a diverse set of building blocks whose electronic and optical properties differ from their bulk counterparts due to the spatial wavefunction confinement. This quantum confinement effect allows us to engineer the materials properties through simple adjustments in nanocrystal size, shape, composition, and surface chemistry. In addition to their immense potential for technological applications, these materials also provide a material system to experimentally test fundamental quantum mechanical concepts.
Email: th358@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-351-2544
Website:  http://www.cheme.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=th358

Lohman, Rowena

Research Interests: Professor Lohman's specific research involves the use of satellite-based remote sensing observations of ground deformation before and during earthquakes. Her primary focus will be on identifying anomalous behavior along fault zones and ingesting these observations into models of the dynamics of earthquake nucleation and rupture by using geodetic observations of ground deformation, primarily InSAR. Much of her work will involve development of methods for fully capitalizing on the rapidly increasing volumes of imagery available from international satellite platforms.
Email: rbl62@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-6929
Website:  http://www.eas.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netId=rbl62


Cowen, Edwin (Todd): Associate Director for Energy in the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future

Ex-Officio Energy Institute Leadership Team

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Cowen has built an environmental fluid mechanics research program centered on four themes: environmental transport processes, water wave induced flows, lake hydrodynamics (physical limnology), and quantitative imaging techniques. He has developed experimental techniques, built new facilities, and undertaken basic research in: the dispersal of mass by jets and low-momentum point sources; scale-dependent dispersion, swash zone (the region of the beach face that is alternately dry and wet) turbulence; wave-structure interaction; exchange processes at embayment-lake connections; residence time in natural water bodies; internal waves in lakes and reservoirs, the effects of macrophytes on the mass and momentum transport processes, gas transfer by turbulence at an air-water interface, sediment suspension by turbulence at a sediment-water interface, and the remote sensing of discharge (flow rate) by optical means. Cowen's work on environmental turbulence, particularly the wake-wake interactions in macrophyte canopies, has lead to his recent push into the field of wind energy with research interests in wind turbine wakes and wind farm siting and optimization. Cowen is recognized as an authority in the areas of experimental measurements in fluid flows and environmental fluid mechanics and is a member of the editorial board of the journal Experiments in Fluids and an associate editor of the journal Environmental Fluid Mechanics.

Email: eac20@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-5140
Website:  http://www.cee.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=eac20

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