Wise, Frank

Other Contributing Faculty

Applied Engineering Physics

Research Interests: Properties of semiconductor nanostructures- This work ranges from basic physics to applications. For example, we determine the electron states and vibrational modes of semiconductor nanostructures. Example applications include efficient infrared light emitters and photovoltaic devices for solar energy conversion.

Studies of optical spatiotemporal solitons- Optical solitons are packets of localized electromagnetic radiation that propagate without spreading out spatially despite diffraction nor temporally despite group-velocity dispersion. We are working to generate fully-confined spatiotemporal solitons (sometimes referred to as "light bullets").

Development of femtosecond-pulse lasers and amplifiers- We are working to develop sources of ultrashort optical pulses that could be used in applications outside of basic research laboratories. Currently we are focused on fiber lasers and amplifiers. Our activities range from theoretical studies of new mechanisms for shaping pulses in lasers to laser engineering and commercial development. 

Email: fww1@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-1184
Website: http://www.aep.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=fww1