Zia, Roseanna

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: In the Zia Research Group our goal is to understand and elucidate the micro-mechancical underpinnings of macroscopic material behaviors in complex fluids and other soft matter, with a focus on non-equilibrium systems. Problems of interest include the storage of the microstructural entropy that underlies mechanical stress, the imbalance between fluctuation and dissipation driven by stress gradients, and the structural coarsening that enables sudden collapse of dynamically arrested gels, to name a few. From this understanding we work out new theories to predict macroscopic behaviors from the detailed evolution of particle microstructure. We have a dual aim: first, to discover fundamental mechanisms that may lead to entirely new understanding of non-equilibrium dynamics in complex media; and second, to apply our theory to advanced technologies ranging from disease treatment to smart materials.

Email: rnz6@cornell.edu

Phone: 607-254-3354

Website: http://www.cheme.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=rnz6