Joo, Yong

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests:  Our research focuses on the integration of continuum analysis with molecular details in polymeric materials processing. Areas of current interests include the microstructural rheology and processing of complex fluids, the formation of nanofibers via electrospinning, and the occurrence of viscoelastic instabilities in polymer flows. In particular, we have laid the foundation for new experimental and theoretical studies on nanofiber formation via electrospinning. The resulting nanofibers are collected as non-woven mats with large surface area to volume ratios which can be used in filtration, catalysis, membrane applications and reinforced composites. We develope comprehensive models to provide a fundamental understanding of nanofiber formation and we investigate the material-processing-structure relationship in nanoscale fibers. Nanofibers with controlled nano/microstructures are also being utilized in various fundamental studies such as hydrogen production via alkaline hydrolysis of cellulose.


Phone: 607-255-8591