Tester, Jeff

Chemical Engineering

Director of the Cornell Energy Institute and
Associate Director for Energy in the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future.

Research Interests: Geothermal energy and biomass-based fuels are the focus of Jeff Tester’s research. In the geothermal area, his research group is evaluating the performance of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and geothermal heat pumps with specific projects on advanced drilling methods, regional assessment of low enthalpy geothermal resources, thermal hydraulic and system modeling of fractured geothermal reservoirs for power, district heating and co-generation applications, and evaluations of heat pumps for cooling applications in cell towers and data centers.  In the bioenergy area, integrated life cycle assessment and techno-economic models of biomass systems are being developed along with experimentally probing of kinetics, phase behavior and transport phenomena in hydrothermal and supercritical media at elevated temperatures and pressures for applications in the conversion and upgrading of a range of biomass feedstocks  from high lipid algae and food processing wastes to lignin cellulosic residuals and agricultural wastes.

Email: jwt54@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-254-7211
Website: http://www.cheme.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=jwt54