Director Jeff Tester has been awarded the 2013 Cornell College of Engineering's Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Tucker Excellence in Teaching Award.

Jeff was recognized for conceiving and teaching CBE's Analysis of Sustainable Energy Systems course (ChemE 6660) to increasing numbers of seniors and MEng students interested in learning about energy systems engineering.  The prototype for this course was a one-semester energy analysis class co-taught with Brad Anton in 2009.  Jeff had developed a similar course with colleagues at MIT that resulted in the publication of a unique textbook– Sustainable Energy – Choosing Among Options (MIT Press, 1st edition 2007, 2nd edition 2012) of which Jeff is the lead author. Motivated by student interest in a course that provided a broader introduction to energy systems engineering, Jeff re-engineered ChemE 6660 in a modular format that has proven as successful with students as with the COE faculty who he has skillfully recruited to teach these modules.