Solar Energy

Faculty involves in solar energy research at Cornell focus on establishing the scientific and engineering platform for next-generation solar cells combining high conversion efficiency and low cost.  Key research themes include processing-structure-performance relationships of novel photovoltaic materials including semiconductor quantum dots, thin film inorganic and organic electronics.  Our interdisciplinary approach synergistically integrates our unique experimental and computational expertise. 

Faculty involved in solar energy research at Cornell focus on inorganic, organic and materials. Solar energy research aims to make new discoveries that are both energy efficient and cost effective. New technologies in the form of hybrid cells, improved semiconductor materials, and electroluminescent electronics among others fuel the development of the future of solar energy. 

Faculty Involved: Paulette Clancy, James EngstromTobias Hanrath, Lena Kourkoutis, William Schaff, Darrell SchlomMike Spencer, Uli Weisner, Frank Wise