Roland N. Horne

Roland N. Horne is the Thomas Davies Barrow Professor of Earth Sciences and Professor
of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University and Director of the Stanford
Geothermal Program. He was formerly the Chairman of the Department of Petroleum
Engineering at Stanford from 1995 to 2006. He is best known for his work in well test
interpretation, production optimization, and tracer analysis of fractured geothermal
reservoirs. So far in his academic career he has supervised the graduate research of 45
PhD and 127 MS students, including about 50 in geothermal topics.
Roland is an Honorary Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a member of
the US National Academy of Engineering. He served on the International Geothermal
Association (IGA) Board 1998-2001, 2001-2004, and 2007-2010, and is the 2010-2013
President of IGA. He was Technical Program Chairman of the World Geothermal
Congress 2005 in Turkey and 2010 in Bali and again in Melbourne in 2015.
Roland is one of the founders of the IGA online database of geothermal conference