Jenny Nelson

Jenny Nelson is a Professor of Physics at Imperial College London, where she has
researched novel varieties of material for use in solar cells since 1989. Her current
research is focused on understanding the properties of molecular and hybrid
semiconductor materials and their application to photovoltaics. This work combines
fundamental electrical, spectroscopic and structural studies of molecular electronic
materials with numerical modeling and device studies, with the aim of optimising the
performance of printable solar cells. Since 2010 she has been working together with the
Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial to explore the mitigation potential of PV
and other technologies. She has published over 250 articles in peer reviewed journals,
several book chapters and a book on the physics of solar cells.
She was awarded the 2009 Institute of Physics Joule Prize and the 2012 Royal Society
Armourers and Braziers Company Prize for her research, and was elected a Fellow of the
Royal Society in 2014.