Robert Thresher

Bob Thresher joined NREL in 1984 and has provided leadership for the growth and
development of wind energy and the formation of the National Wind Technology Center.
He has been internationally recognized as a visionary, leader, and architect of the national
wind energy agenda. For over three decades he has laid the foundation for wind
technology advancement, nurtured its development, and remained a vigilant shepherd
through deployment of those technologies. He has published extensively and is
recognized internationally as one of the leading experts in research, development and
commercialization of wind technologies. Bob earned a tenured professorship in
Mechanical Engineering at Oregon State University where he taught courses in Applied
Mechanics and initiated pioneering researcher in the mechanics of wind energy systems
during the 1970’s and early 80’s. Bob’s career recognition and accomplishments include:

• Received an Honorary Doctor of Engineering from University of Glasgow,
July 2009
• Received the Pioneer Award from the World Renewable Energy Network at the
World Renewable Energy Congress VIII, 2004
• Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Wind Energy Association, 2001
• Recognized as 1997 Person of the Year by the American Wind Energy Association
• Inducted into the Academy of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics,
Michigan Technological University, “in recognition of significant contributions to the
engineering profession,” October 1996
• NREL Research Fellow, National Wind Technology Center
• Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State University
• M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech University
• B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Michigan Tech University

Bob was appointed to the position of NREL Wind Energy Research Fellow in 2008. NREL
Research Fellow appointments are reserved for outstanding scientists and engineers who
have achieved exceptional internationally recognized positions of leadership in their fields,
but who wish to devote the majority of their time and energy to scientific and technological
endeavours. Over the past few years, he has served as the Program Manager and
strategist for DOE’s Water Power Program at NREL which is performing research to
develop wave, tidal, and ocean current renewable energy technology.