Koch, Donald

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests: Our research focuses on developing theoretical understanding of fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer in multiphase flows, particle suspensions and porous media. Current interests include: Geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide; Geothermal energy extraction; The effect of fluid transport on the formation of dense fracture networks by hydraulic fracturing; The effect of turbulence-induced droplet coalescence on the formation of precipitation in clouds; Hydrodynamic instabilities due to preferential concentration of aerosol particles; Cross-flow filtration separations by size and shape using hydrodynamic lift and particle-trajectory ratcheting mechanisms; and The design of nanostructured electrolytes to inhibit dendrite growth in batteries.

Email: dlk15@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-3484
Website: http://www.cheme.cornell.edu/people/profile.cfm?netid=dlk15