Richardson, Ruth

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: A major focus in the lab is the growth of high-lipid producing algae as biofuel feedstock. While algae are reported to be up to 100 times more productive per-acre than land plants, and they can be grow on marginal lands and in saline environments (minimizing competition for land for food crops) many challenges still exist with respect to sustainable commercial scale algae growth and harvesting. In a project sponsored by the Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future, the Richardson group collaborates with the Beth Ahner's and Maureen Hanson's research groups (in BEE and Molecular Biology and Genetics, respectively) to optimize lipid production and develop biomarkers for lipid-production pathways and stress response. Additionally, a new DOE funded project involves genomic characterization of high-performing marine algal strains being grown at a pilot scale in Hawaii.

Phone: 607-255-3233