Hammer, David

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests: High energy density plasmas: we study the dynamics of hot, dense plasma produced from fine wires and thin foils exploded by short high current pulses, as well as plasma produced by high current gas discharges. Experiments carried out with single wires are investigating the physical processes of the wires during the explosion process. Experiments with wires that cross and touch in the middle, in the form of an X (thus, the name X-pinch), are used to generate very high energy density plasmas and high intensity x-ray point sources. Experiments with cylindrical gas-puffs and multiple wire arrays are intended to study the dynamics of the hot, dense plasmas that form when the plasmas implode to the cylindrical axis of symmetry (thus, the name Z-pinch). Many of these experiments address questions related to inertial confinement fusion.

Email: dah5@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-255-3916
Website:  http://www.ece.cornell.edu/peo-detail.cfm?NetID=dah5