Anderson, C. Lindsay

Biological and Environmental Engineering

Research:  In order to meet both environmental targets and energy needs in the future, a significant portion of our electricity supply will be procured from renewable energy sources that are also uncertain and variable. As the proportion of these sources increases, the existing power systems and operators will require new technology and new operational methods to preserve reliability and security. The Anderson research group is focused on mathematical and computational methods that maximize effectiveness of operations under uncertain forecasts, and maximize use of complementary technologies such as storage and responsive demand. This is an interdisciplinary research program with aspects of operations, optimization, as well as environmental and systems engineering.  Prof. Anderson holds field memberships in Biological and Environmental Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell, and an Adjunct appointment in Applied Mathematics at Western University (Canada).

Impacts of Uncertainty in Biobased Industries - this is a developing project in collaboration with Professor Larry Walker and the Biofuels Research Laboratory.